I just accepted the position of Front End Engineer at Kargo in NYC. Thus begins the next chapter in my story. There are a ton of people to thank, not least of which is my good friend Sam for setting this all up and the Reddit, Hacker News, and Github communities for their help with Please JS. Speaking of Please, development is going to be excruciatingly slow for about a…


I mentioned in my last post that I have been working on a library. Well today I’m happy to say it’s ready for its first release. Introducing Please.JS, a JavaScript library for the creation of pleasing random colors and color schemes. If you ever find yourself needing to create a color or a palette on the fly in your web app and don’t want to worry about it being some…

Creating a JavaScript Library

I recently wrote a JavaScript library for creating random colors and color schemes, and while I found a number of helpful resources that guided me through the mechanics of HSV color-space manipulation, there was a surprising dearth of information on JS library best practices. Since my background in JS up until recently was fairly simple scripting, this added some friction to the creation process for me. The goal of this…

WWDC 2014

I’ve been thinking about this year’s WWDC keynote since I watched it on Monday. Here are my initial thoughts. Craig Fedherigi is incredibly charismatic, but I think Apple, upon realizing the potential he displayed at last year’s keynotes allowed him to be a bit overzealous in his delivery. Specifically, the rampant hair video went too far for me and took the presentation from lighthearted to a bit of a cringe….

It’s Alive!

Hooray! Welcome to the new Checkman.io I’m pretty happy about it. It’s not 100% operational, as I still need to finish the work section, but I wanted to open it up to feedback before I undertook that particular endeavor. If you find anything broken or missing on the site please do let me know. Constructive criticism is also always welcome.  Feel free to use the contact form.