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A Croak For A Croak

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  1. "It's....beautiful" -Peter Molyneux
  2. "10/10" -IGN
  3. "I always dreamed I would make something of this magnitude." -Hideo Kojima
  4. "I kind of hate it." -Dan Newman


We are a small, five person team located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We were formed at the 2013 Game Jam and our sole purpose was to crank out some insane stuff in under 48 hours. A Croak For A Croak is the result of our combined labors. Join us or be destroyed, the choice is yours human.

The Game

A Croak For A Croak is a sandbox open-world top-down, front-forward, isometric gameification of an arcade classic. In it, you play as a mysterious ghost frog which is not affiliated in any way with Konami ™. You must take vengence on the cruel car laden world that killed you by possessing drivers and causing them to fling their vehicles at each other for MASSIVE POINTS.